Efficiency & punctuality

Crenovo has two production sites and a nation wide supply chain, providing an abundent portfolio of products for customers under lean and consistant operation.

Crenovo's factory of Pigment Violet 23 has a capacity of 1,000 mt per year, Two workshops carries out integrated production from crude to finished pigment in scale and efficiency. The crude workshop is equipped with 6 production lines with hydrogen reduction and solvent recovery, operates in a clean, safe and highly efficient mode. The pigment workshop is equipped with 32 ball mills and 4 kneaders, produces Pigment Violet 23 with both ball-milling and kneading process to meet diversified needs of cusotmers from different industrial segments.

Crenovo's factory of yellow and red produces 5,000 mt pigments per year. Massive production scale and flexible production lines enable Crenovo to stay a balance among costs, quality and delivery.

World-class production capacity, advanced production facilities, lean production mode and continuously optimising technique build Crenovo's operation advantage of cost leadership and maximum efficiency. All of these merge into a convincing promise to customers on supplying capability and security.