High Performance Pigments


Novoprime® are high performance pigments of excellent chemical and physical resistance brought by its stable chemical structure, including Dioxaine, Quinacridone, Benzimidazolone, DPP, Antraquinone, Perylene, Isoindorinone, Isoindoline and Quinaphthalone. They are highly recommended for those applications that require long durability, high heat resistance, good transparency and excellent dispersibility, like automotive coatings, gravure printing inks, plastics and textiles.


Pigment Violet 23


Pigment Red 122, 202
Pigment Violet 19


Pigment Orange 73
Pigment Red 254


Pigment Yellow 151, 154, 180, 181, 194
Pigment Orange 36, 62, 64
Pigment Red 176, 185, 208
Pigment Brown 25

Azo Condensation

Pigment Yellow 93, 95, 128, 155
Pigment Red 144, 166, 214, 242


Pigment Yellow 110


Pigment Yellow 139, 185


Pigment Yellow 138


Pigment Yellow 150

Pyrazolo Quinazolone

Pigment Orange 67


Pigment Yellow 192


Pigment Red 177
Pigment Blue 60


Pigment Red 123, 149, 179, 190, 224
Pigment Violet 29
Pigment Black 32

For detailed information, request Catalogue of Pigments.


Novoprime® quinacridone pigment is a portfolio of red and violet pigments of outstanding physical and chemical fastness brought by its stable chemical structure. Quinacridone pigments are highly recommended for those applications that require long durability, high heat resistance, good transparency and excellent dispersibility, like automotive coatings, decorative coatings, gravure printing inks, textiles and high performance plastics.

Pigment Red 122

Coatings and Inks

Novoprime Pink E - Bright bluish red. Good gloss and rheology. Best light resistance in shade range. Transparent. Standard grade for coatings and inks.


Novoprime Pink EP - Opaque and economy type. Good for plastics and industrial coatings.
Novoprime Pink EF - Specialized for fibre coloring, low FPV.

Gravure Ink

Novoprime Pink ET - Transparent, specialized for gravure and inkjet inks.

Pigment Red 202

Universal Type

Novoprime Red RT - Bluer and darker shade than PR122. Bettter weather durability.

Pigment Violet 19

b type, reddish violet

Novoprime Violet E - b type, reddish violet shade, transparent. Excellent light and weather resistance.

r type, bluish red

Novoprime Red E3B - r type, bluish red. Opaque.
Novoprime Red E5B - r type, bluer than E3B. Opaque.

For detailed information, request Catalogue of Quinacridone Pigments.


A portfolio of high performance azo pigments with benzimidazolone in their chemcial structure, brought excellent performance like high chroma, good color strength, good heat, light and solvent stability, as well as good migration resistance.

Coating Types

Novoprime Yellow H4G (Pigment Yellow 151) - Greenish shade yellow. Greener, opaquer but weaker light resistance than PY154. Ideal substitution of PY34.
Novoprime Yellow H3G (Pigment Yellow 154) - Greenish shade yellow. Excellent weather durability even in reduction.
Novoprime Orange HL70 (Pigment Orange 36) - Dark reddish sahde orange. Opaque. Good susbstitution of molybdate red.
Novoprime Orange H5G70 (Pigment Orange 62) - Yellowish shade orange. High opacity. Good rheology.
Novoprime Brown HFR (Pigment Brown 25) - Reddish shade brown, transparent.

Plastic Types.

Novoprime Yellow HG (Pigment Yellow 180) - Medium to greenish shade yellow. Good heat resistance even in reduction.
Novoprime Yellow H3R (Pigment Yellow 181) - Reddish shade yellow. Weaker than PY180.
Novoprime Red HF3C (Pigment Red 176) - Bluish shade red.
Novoprime Rubine 4C (Pigment Red 185) - Bright bluish shade red.
Novoprime Rubine HF2B (Pigment Red 208) - Medium shade red.

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