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Pigment Violet 23

Known as carbazole violet, Pigment Violet 23 is a dioxazine pigment of blue tone. Novoprime Pigment Violet 23 is of good chroma, high coloring strength and extraordinary heat and light resistance, serving industries require high performance violet, like automotive and decorative coatings, gravure and water flexo inks, plastics and textile printing. Learn more...

Quinacridone Pigments

Novoprime quinacridone pigments, including Red 122 and Violet 19, are of outstanding physical and chemical fastness brought by its stable chemical structure. They are highly recommended for those applications who require long durability, high heat resistance and excellent dispersibility, especially automotive coatings, Gravure Inks and plastics. Learn more...

Novofast Yellow HR120

Pigment Yellow 83, a classic disazo yellow pigment of reddish shade, good heat and light resistance. Novofast Yellow HR120 is a semi-opaque type suits both coatings and inks, either waterborne or solventborne. Also available Novofast Yellow HG100, a transparent type for plastics.

Novofast Red F3RK

So called coke red! Pigment Red 170 is a naphthol red pigment with good hiding power, excellent weather and solvent resistance. Novofast Red F3RK has good weather resistance so can be used in exterior coatings for better durability, as well as industrial coatings for mechanic tools and equipments. Also available Novofast Red F5RK, an bluish and economic type for universal applications, and Novofast Red F2RK, the best weather durable type for automotive coatings.


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