A rising purple star!

Known as carbazole violet, Pigment Violet 23 is a dioxazine pigment of blue tone. Novoprime Pigment Violet 23 is of good chroma, high coloring strength and extraordinary heat and light resistance, serving industries require high performance violet, like automotive and decorative coatings, gravure and water flexo inks, plastics and textile printing.

Pigment Violet 23 is Crenovo's core product. With a sophisticated factory of 1,000 MT/year's capacity, Crenovo produces PV23 from crude to pigment, from ball milling to kneading, presents 9 segmented types meeting critical requirements of different industries.


Novoprime Violet RL, RLN, RLX

Pigmented with ball mill, optimized for water system.

Type Description Details
RL standard type for waterborne system, reddish and bright shade. TDS
RLN optimized type for water based ink, reddish, easy dispersible, water stable. TDS
RLX specialized type for textile printing,Reddish, clear shade, high strength. TDS


Novoprime Violet RLS, BLS, RLS-2R

Pigmented with kneader, optimized for solvent system.

Type Description Details
RLS standard type for solvent system, reddish, good fluidity. TDS
BLS standard type for solvent system, bluish, good fluidity. TDS
RLS-2R optimized type of redder shade and lower viscosity. TDS


Novoprime Violet RLP, BLP

Low FPV, easy dispersible in plastics.

Type Description Details
RLP specialized type for plastics, reddish, easy dispersible. TDS
BLP specialized type for plastics, bluish, easy dispersible. TDS

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