Pigment Violet 23

About Pigment Violet 23

Known as carbazole violet, Pigment Violet 23 is a dioxazine violet pigment of blue tone. Novoprime® Pigment Violet 23 has high coloring strength, extraordinary light and weather resistance even in reduced shade. Excellent physical and chemical stability and good heat resistance enable it widely applied in almost all industrial segments as coatings, printing inks, plastics, textiles.

With a sophisticated factory of 1,000 MT/year's capacity, Crenovo produces PV23 from crude to pigment, from ball milling to kneading, presents 11 segmented types meeting critical requirements of different industries.

Chemical and Physical Properties

Chemical family: Dioxazine
Chemical name: 8,18-dichloro-5,15-diethyl-5,15-dihydrodiindolo[3,2-b:3’,2’-mjtriphenodioxazine
Molecular formula: C34H22Cl2N4O2
Molecular structure:

C. I. number: 51319
CAS number: 215247-95-3/6358-30-1
Einecs number: 606-790-9/228-767-9
Appearance: Deep violet powder
Density: 1.4-1.6 g/m3

Ecological Safety

Crenovo also knows the importance of product safety to consumers and engages in compliance with global product safety regulations.

Our PV23 is tested to be free of following substance: Heavy Metals, Aromatic Amines, PCBs, PCDDs & PCDFs, SVHC. Comply with following regulations: EN71.3, AP89.1, GGVSE/B, RoHS, REACH

For detailed information, request Catalogue of Pigment Violet 23.

For Waterborne

Pigmented with ball mill, optimized for waterborne system.

Novoprime Violet RL

Standard type for waterborne system and plastics, reddish and high chroma.

Novoprime Violet BL

Bluish type for waterborne system and plastics.

Novoprime Violet RLN

Optimized type for water based ink, reddish, easy dispersible, water stable.

Novoprime Violet RLX

Specialized type for textile printing, reddish, clear shade, high strength.

For Plastics

Low FPV, easy dispersible in plastics.

Novoprime Violet RLP/BLP

Specialized type for plastics, reddish, easy dispersible.

For Solventborne

Pigmented with kneader, optimized for solvent system.

Novoprime Violet RLS

Standard type for solvent system, reddish, good rheology.

Novoprime Violet BLS

Bluish type for solvent system, good rheology.

Novoprime Violet RLS-2R

Extra-reddish type for solvent system.

Novoprime Violet RLS-G

Specialized type for solvent based gravure ink, reddish, better rheology and stability.

Novoprime Violet BLS-G

Specialized type for solvent based gravure ink, reddish, better rheology and stability.

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